Monday, October 10, 2011

JsViews presentation at jQuery Conference, Boston

Six months in stealth mode...
My last blog entry was six months ago, and concerned my jQuery Conference presentation in April 2011. Since then, no blog entries, but lots of activity on moving  jQuery Templates forwards to the "next generation". It has been somewhat 'stealth mode' - since I wanted to stabilize the design and the code before drawing too much attention to it. That work has been progressing very well, and has now reached the point where I will gradually  bring it out from 'under wraps'.

jQuery Conference Presentation
The first step in that process just happened - another jQuery Conference presentation: I just returned from presenting on "JsViews: Next-generation jQuery Templates and Data Link" at the October 2011 jQuery Conference in Boston.

Here are the conference links:
The presentation was very well received, and created some buzz on Twitter, as illustrated by these tweets:
  • thinksaydo Think Say Do, LLC: super excited about… and… being part of jQuery's future
  • rascalking David Bonner: looking forward to playing with jsrender/jsviews. feels really comfortable, coming from a django background. #jqcon
  • chinmaybijwe Chinmay Bijwe#jqcon : JSViews and JSRender look great! Want to try soon.
  • vinbrown2 Vin Brown: seems any previously stated (by me) similarity between jsViews and xslt were overstated. this is oozing coolness. #jqcon
  • weisjohn john weis: coming from the Django template world, JsRender and JsViews are the      hotness! #jqcon
  • abackstrom Adam Backstrom: Super easy to add new template tags to jsViews. Tags can be      used in conditional template logic (if/else). #jqcon
  • abackstrom Adam Backstrom: Progressive enhancement in jsViews: render on the server, later apply a view to the DOM, get a view that is now observing for changes #jqcon
  • shooley Shawn Hooley: Excited about jsViews! Slick solution for dynamic rendering. #jqcon
  • addy_osmani Addy Osmani: Interesting next progression that's come out of the jQuery templatesproject: jsRender (no DOM/jQ dependence)…
  • clayalouise clayalouise: Love the design for JsViews! I've been looking for a better than knockoutjs #jqcon
  • monkeysort Derek Meyer: Great talk by Boris Moore on the jQuery Templates replacementJsViews. Could have used a longer time slot for a public launch. #jqcon
  • ScottRHuff Scott Huff: Exciting and thought provoking talk from Boris Moore on JsViews #jqcon
  • _jeffrose Jeff Rose: Wish Boris Moore's presentation on JsViews was longer. Looks very impressive. #jqcon
One aspect that triggered a lot of excitement and questions was progressive enhancement, using the same JsRender template on the server as on the client, and then activating the content in the client by calling $.link().  (See this demo)

And now...
From this point I'll be working towards a documented Beta release - not too far away. More of that in an upcoming post on  "jQuery Templates and JsViews: The Roadmap".

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